One Note Advantages & disadvantages

One Note Advantages & disadvantages

One Note Advantages & disadvantages————–Lets talk good before give our critical review about disadvantages of One Note. So the advantages are:

So, One Note comes to you as a notebook made up of various sections, with each section having unlimited number of pagesOne Note Advantages & disadvantages

  • With the help of One Note we can move files from our PC and mobile devices. It also provides us with the feature through which we can save articles and photos from internet itself and then organise them into a notebook.
  • Through One Point users can pinpoint files across different notebooks quickly and easily. Another feature added to it is ‘optical character recognition’ through which a user can search text on pictures themselves and not file names only.
  • At times office asks us for a document with a deadline close by. One Note improves your data accessibility. You can save files and feature in your voice. As long has you had the application installed, you will have access to all features 24/7.


  • Every organisation works smoothly when information is passed to every department. One Note allows you to share One Note notebooks and its contents; and to read the file you need not to have One Note installed. One Note easy to use during meetings. It allows you to view and edit depending on your own choices.


  • OneNote automatically saves all content functioning like a functional database



As we are done with praising One Note now it’s the time to mention the flaws of One Note:


  • OneNote is a hard one to get used to but it’s worth the time.——————————

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