How to Troubleshoot Microsoft Office Error code 30016-4?

How to Troubleshoot Microsoft Office Error code 30016-4?

How to Troubleshoot Microsoft Office Error code 30016-4?———–No one can deny from the fact that Microsoft Office is an important element for every PC user. With MS Office, you can not only create documents, spreadsheets and presentations, but also send emails along with a lot of other stuff. Till date, we have a number of Office versions available for both consumers and businesses. You can choose one of them depending upon the Office features you want to avail.How to Troubleshoot Microsoft Office Error code 30016-4?


The whole process of retrieving Office includes purchasing, downloading, installing and then activating. While using it, there are chances that you may find a number of errors during any of these processes. One of the most common error users are facing is error code 30016-4.




  • Possible causes for error code 30016-4


  • This error may occur due to one of the following reasons:
  • Internet connection or proxy server settings
  • An antivirus installed on your device or firewall might be blocking the Office installation
  • Incomplete\partial\failed repair\installation\change\removal of any previously installed Office version


  • Another Office version is already installed on your device, which is create a software conflict

Thankfully, we have the solution of this error. All you need to do is check out the below mentioned troubleshooting steps:


  • Disable firewall and antivirus for a while


Temporarily disable firewall and antivirus installed on your device. To disable, follow the below mentioned path:

  • Disable Firewall


Control panel -> System & Security -> Windows firewall -> Turn Windows On or Off -> Turn off firewall for both private and public network

  • Disable Antivirus


Open antivirus -> Settings -> Real-time protection -> Turn off -> Navigate to antivirus firewall -> Turn off -> Click Yes or OK on the confirmation prompted

Try installing or updating your Office subscription!


Make SFC scan


The error code 30016-4 may occur when a system file is corrupted. To fix these files, do the following:


Open command prompt in admin rights -> type sfc/scannow -> Enter -> Finish the scan

Repair the registry


One of the possible causes of this Office error could be registry corruption. Apart from this, a change in a single key value can lead to 30016-4. To fix this issue, repair the registry by backing it up first. Follow the below mentioned path to do so:


Open registry editor ->  Delete the preinstalled or older registry key which block the installation of latest version or update -> Navigate the below keys and delete it :










Now, change the DWORD values in below keys from 0 to 1 in Office common registry folder:






If none of the aforementioned solutions work in your favor, then contact team to get this error fixed by a certified technician. The team works 24*7 so you can contact them anytime.—————

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