How To Insert Audio In PowerPoint Presentation

How To Insert Audio In PowerPoint Presentation

How To Insert Audio In PowerPoint Presentation———————————Wanna know How To Insert Audio In PowerPoint Presentation?PowerPoint permits you to add audio to your slides. You could add ambient melodies to one slide, a sound impact to another, and even record your own speech. You would then be able to alter the sound to nip it for your introduction.

How To Insert Audio In PowerPoint Presentation


To insert audio from a file:


Here we’ll embed a sound document spared locally on our PC.


  • From the Insert tab, tap the Audio drop-down bolt. Then select Audio on My PC.
  • Insert audio from a file
  • Find and select the desired sound record, at that point click Insert.
  • Select the desired audio file
  • The sound record will be added to the slide.



Recording your own audio


you may need the introduction to incorporate an audio of your own. Before you start, confirm you have a receiver that is connected with your PC;.


To record audio:


  • From the Insert tab, click the Audios drop-down arrow, then select Record Audio.
  • Click Record Audio
  • Type a name for the audio recording if you want.
  • Renaming the audio recording
  • Click the Record button to start recording.
  • Clicking the Record button

When you’re finished recording, click the Stop button.

Clicking the Stop button

To preview your recording, click the Play button.

Previewing the recording

When you’re done, click OK. The audio file will be inserted into the slide.

The recorded audio file————

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