How to Create and Manage a Personal Blog in Office 365?

How to Create and Manage a Personal Blog in Office 365?

How to Create and Manage a Personal Blog in Office 365?————-How to Create a Personal Blog in Office 365?and how to manage it….No one can refute from the fact that the blogs have become a major source of information, now-a-days. High-quality and informative blogs are what help a small & big organization improve their brand awareness, and an individual grow in the internet market. These blogs are also a perfect way to announce company’s new product launches, updates, discussions, news and other information.How to Create Blog in Office 365?


For those using Office 365, creating/configuring and managing blogs is a just a child’s play. In this article, I have mentioned the steps required to setup a personal blog:


  • Click your profile picture in the Office 365 header and choose About Me
  • In Delve, choose Me from the left-hand menu and then choose Profile link
  • Now, scroll to the Blog section on your profile
  • Hit Start Writing


How to create a blog post?


If this is your first blog post, then follow this path:

  • Blog -> Start Writing


If you already have blog posts on your page, then follow this path:

  • Blog -> All Posts -> New Post


  • On the blog post, select Add Image to add a header graphic for your blog post
  • Add a title to your blog post by click Title
  • Click Subtitle to insert subtitle, if required
  • Start Writing Your Story and add the text to your post
  • There is a + sign to insert an image, video and more


To insert a document within your blog post, you can simply click Add Office Document (for the document, which is not available in the list of suggest documents)

  • To delete a particular section from your blog post, hover the mouse over the section and click the trash icon
  • Once you create and proofread your post, hit Publish in the top right corner of the page.

However, you can also save your post and publish it later

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How to edit a blog post?


  • To edit any of your created posts, click All Stories
  • From the Blog section, choose the post you wish to edit
  • Hit edit in the top right corner
  • Make changes
  • Once you are done, save changes or click Publish to immediately reflect the changes in the post

How to delete a blog post?


  • Click All Stories -> Blog -> Select the post you want to delete -> Click the trash icon in the top left corner


If you are creating a blog post for your company and then there are several questions that bubble up on the surface of the mind. One of such questions is “Is a blog automatically deleted when the author leaves a company”? The answer is No, because delve blogs are basically hosted on a different website. A Global or SharePoint administrator can delete the blog after the author leaves the company.—————

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