Collaborating with Calendars In Microsoft Outlook

Collaborating with Calendars In Microsoft Outlook

Collaborating with Calendars In Microsoft Outlook————-Collaborating with Calendars In Microsoft Outlook.Many a time screenshots are of great help. Likewise, they help us to share our calendars and accessibility in Microsoft Outlook 2010. It is much useful in offices and important meetings.Collaborating with Calendars In Microsoft Outlook


In this blog, we will deal with how we can share our record book and important eventful dates in an office. We will also deal with the Schedule view in order to view the most ideal time for gatherings and meetings and how to access them.


Office meetings are things of priorities. You need to schedule dates and then share it beforehand. The sharing of schedules can vary from office to office and the IT section may already have some schedule sharing settings for you.

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To share a calendar:


  • From the Home tab, select the Share Calendar option.


  • The Sharing welcome exchange box will be displayed.


To open a shared calendar:


Whenever a schedule book is shared, you should be able to access it and see all the elements.


  • Find and select the Open Calendar order.


  • Then Open Shared Calendar



  • The Open a Shared Calendar exchange box will pop up.


  • Chose the Namand pick a mutual schedule from your address book.
  • The address book will be displayed.


  • Choose the contact whose common logbook you need to check.
  • Click OK to proceed.
  • The common logbook will be displayed in the View sheet.


  • Click the Navigation sheet to flip the timetable on and off.



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